Kadee got tagged

I am-Kadee
I know-I am Kadee
I want-to be a mom
I have-a family
I dislike-throwing things in the big garbage outside(usually diapers)
I miss-my cousins
I feel-loved
I hear-Heavenly Father
I smell-food
I crave-chips and pizza
I cry-when I get hurt
I search-for my blanket
I wonder-what will happen tomorrow
I regret-hurting my sister
I love-my sister
I care-about my room
I worry-about my friends
I remember-my Grandpa Woody
I believe-that Heavenly Father is true
I dance-ballet
I don't-do bad things
I argue-about doing chores
I write-in my journal(with mommys help)
I win-games
I lose-games sometimes
I wish-I was a princess
I listen-for Heavenly Father
I can usually be found watching-my mom and dad
I am scared-of the dark
I need-my family
I forget-about when a friend might call to play
I am happy-about my mom having a baby
Okay now I tag Maddie!


I've been tagged

I am- a pretty happy person
I know-I am loved
I want-to be a good mom (that is hard work, its going to take me forever)
I have- a wonderful family and great friends
I dislike-people who have a complaint about everything (not the person just all the complaining)
I miss- my brother Aaron and his fam in Texas
I feel- like going shopping
I hear- the movie Cars playing. Its Bella's new favorite. I don't mind because it is so funny!
I smell-um nothing. I wish I could smell something great cooking but not so much
I crave- food anything really I'm hungry
I cry-when I think of memories with my dad
I search- for shoes all the time. We don't know how to put our shoes away
I wonder-what new story Kadee is going to tell me when she gets home from school
I regret-regretting (copied yours Cherst I like that)
I love- Scott and my girls so so much!
I care-about people. I just want everyone to be happy. I know it sounds cheesy but true
I worry-about my mom and dad
I remember-a familiar face but I can not remember names
I believe-that my family will be together forever
I dance-well I try not to
I don't -like to be told what to do
I argue-when I have very strong feelings about something and my "tude" comes out
I write- a grocery list otherwise I forget and just buy food that looks good and spend way too much
I win- my arugements sometimes
I lose- when Scotts right (doesn't happen very often ha ha)
I wish- my good friend Jenny and her family weren't moving so far away
I listen-to Bella crying, laughing, screaming whatever the mood
I can usually be found watching-a good movie with Scott from the redbox
I am scared-of the dark
I need-to eat quite often
I forget-pretty much everything unless I write it down
I am happy-when I am with my cute girls and Scott
Alright now I tag Jess, Ambers, Stephanie, Jordan, Mckell, Sarah and Scott


Kadee's new friend

Last week Kadee decided to invite her new friend Karlee over with Maddie. They had a great time together. Notice their makeup!! Kadee told me that she is Karlee's best friend because she pushes the drinking fountain button for her when she needs a drink. ( If you'll notice in the picture Karlee broke her arm). What a great friend!!


Saying Goodbye to Spencer

Spencer is now at the Brazilian MTC. He left for Brazil last Tuesday. We were able to go see him off at the airport. SO weird little Spence is now on a mission. He will be a great missionary! He was so ready to go. It was a very bittersweet moment for all of us. Kadee said she tried so hard to not cry but she did because she was sad to see him leave. She has seen quite a few uncles leave on missions and we have to remind her that they always come home. She loves to know how old she will be when they return.


Grandpa comes to visit

Grandpa E. has been visiting us alot this month. He is working on a house up here in Brigham and we love that we have been able to see him so much. The girls get so excited and they love to go over to his house. They think its pretty cool.

Finally an update

Bella enjoying the Parade

I have finally decided to update our blog. Here are some pics of Peach Days a couple of weeks ago. We had so much fun spending time with our family. Kadee and her cousin Taelor were in the kids parade on Friday for Bunderson Elementary. Taelor was so nice to stick with Kadee the whole way so she could ride her scooter. I watched the parade with my good friend Jenny who is going to be moving way to soon and my sister in law Chersten who I am lucky enough to have live right across the street/field from me.