Bella is in Preschool

Bella has started preschool and just loves it. I thought it would be a bit too long for her but she doesn't seem to mind. She goes tuesdays and thursdays from 12-3. It is a good break for me and I think she likes the break as well. We have a B on the mountain for Box Elder High School but Bella is sure it is a B for Bella. She is so much fun and always has us laughing.


The first day of school

Kadee is in first grade. She was most nervous about who to sit by at lunch but it all worked out. She found all of her friends and after a week has decided that sometimes the school lunch isn't too bad so whenever there's a corndog, hotdog, or mac and cheese she is eating that. Kadee's aunt Emily made her cute outfit and Kadee had it picked out weeks before for her first day of school.