We don't post very often...

We have had a fun filled couple of months. We celebrated Lincoln's second birthday. He is lucky enough to share his birthday with Uncle John. His birthday was filled with lots of
family fun!We then decided to surprise our kids and head to Disneyland. It was so much fun. We met our friends the Hickman's there which was really a better surprise for the kids then disneyJenny was the amazing photographer so you will have to go to their blog hickmanbunch.blogspot.com and check out some pretty great pics of our trip!!

A month ago Kadee had her baptism. It was a very special day. She was so grateful for all of her family and friends who came to support her.We love Kadee and are so proud of her. She is a wonderful example to everyone around her. She had such a great time planning everything for her big day from picking out her white dress and having her aunt Ashley take pictures to the invitations and her favorite part planning the program. She did it all. Lots of decisions for her but she did great. We love you Kadee.
We also celebrated Scotts 31st birthday and I amsure you won't be a bit surprised at what he wanted to do... watch the BYU game so we ordered take out and relaxed at home and watched the game.

At the end of March celebrated our 9th anniversary. So crazy!!! It has been an amazing 9 years so fun to look back at all we have done and are so excited to see what the future holds for our little family.


A week to hopefully forget real soon

It all started on Sunday morning when Scott left to DC for work. He was gone from Sunday morning until Thursday night. Because Lincoln was sick, Kadee went to church with a friend and after church fell off their zipline. She came home complaining about her back and not being able to breath very well. I took her in to the chiropractor on Tuesday and he set everything straight and told me it was a really good she came in there were alot of things that would have definitely caused issues in the future. So I felt good that we got her all squared away until Tuesday night. I ran to the grocery store that took like ten minutes and came home to Bella screaming and I couldn't get her to calm down. Her cousin who will remain anonymous was babysitting and trying to keep Bella from waking up Lincoln slipped on our wood floor and fell on Bella's leg while it was bent. I was hoping it was sprained and wanted to wait over night and see how she was in the morning. That night was horrible Lincoln and Bella were up all night crying and moaning . Needless to say I called the doctor and set up an appointment for both of them.
We came out of the Doctor with Lincoln having double ear infections and Bella with a broken leg. I could not believe it. Now it just feels like one big blur. Bella has a hot pink cast with sparkles and is getting around quite well.
She loves to show us what she can do and show us her new trick of the day. She is being a great sport. Thank goodness for Kadee she has also been such a great help. I don't know what I would have done without her. Scott is now home and hopefully life can maybe start to get back to normal:)


Merry Christmas!

We finally have family pics with Lincoln. They were actually taken in the fall I have just been to lazy to post them. We had a lot of fun and the kids did great! These three each have their own look and definitely their own fun personalities. They sure keep us on our toes.

WE want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Voting Tomorrow

Don't forget to vote tomorrow!! The booths are open from 7:00 am till 8:00 pm at the USU Brigham City Campus. Good Luck Scotty. We love you and know you will do great!


Bella is in Preschool

Bella has started preschool and just loves it. I thought it would be a bit too long for her but she doesn't seem to mind. She goes tuesdays and thursdays from 12-3. It is a good break for me and I think she likes the break as well. We have a B on the mountain for Box Elder High School but Bella is sure it is a B for Bella. She is so much fun and always has us laughing.


The first day of school

Kadee is in first grade. She was most nervous about who to sit by at lunch but it all worked out. She found all of her friends and after a week has decided that sometimes the school lunch isn't too bad so whenever there's a corndog, hotdog, or mac and cheese she is eating that. Kadee's aunt Emily made her cute outfit and Kadee had it picked out weeks before for her first day of school.


You know you are OLD when...

So the other day I was at a Young Woman's activity and just having a fun conversation with the girls. We were talking about how we want one of those beach bikes, you know that have the basket on the front with the cool handle bars and then I decided to bring up the BANANA BIKE. BIG mistake.

"Oh and you know what I want to get Kadee is a banana bike would that not be so awesome." I said.

It went silent. They all just stared and my face went a little red

" um you don't know what a banana bike is do you?"

Crickets... actually one girl out of the bunch thought that she knew what a Banana Bike was, but she wasn't sure. Then here came the kicker...

"well weren't they big in like the 80's or something?"

Oh gees. Those poor girls had no idea what a banana bike was but I told them they are coming back.

The thing that gets me is that these girls wear 80's clothes, you would think they would know but they sure didn't. I had hoped to keep this embarassing experience my little secret, but I made the mistake of sharing it with my sister in law who laughed and laughed and told me I am now officially old!