You know you are OLD when...

So the other day I was at a Young Woman's activity and just having a fun conversation with the girls. We were talking about how we want one of those beach bikes, you know that have the basket on the front with the cool handle bars and then I decided to bring up the BANANA BIKE. BIG mistake.

"Oh and you know what I want to get Kadee is a banana bike would that not be so awesome." I said.

It went silent. They all just stared and my face went a little red

" um you don't know what a banana bike is do you?"

Crickets... actually one girl out of the bunch thought that she knew what a Banana Bike was, but she wasn't sure. Then here came the kicker...

"well weren't they big in like the 80's or something?"

Oh gees. Those poor girls had no idea what a banana bike was but I told them they are coming back.

The thing that gets me is that these girls wear 80's clothes, you would think they would know but they sure didn't. I had hoped to keep this embarassing experience my little secret, but I made the mistake of sharing it with my sister in law who laughed and laughed and told me I am now officially old!