A week to hopefully forget real soon

It all started on Sunday morning when Scott left to DC for work. He was gone from Sunday morning until Thursday night. Because Lincoln was sick, Kadee went to church with a friend and after church fell off their zipline. She came home complaining about her back and not being able to breath very well. I took her in to the chiropractor on Tuesday and he set everything straight and told me it was a really good she came in there were alot of things that would have definitely caused issues in the future. So I felt good that we got her all squared away until Tuesday night. I ran to the grocery store that took like ten minutes and came home to Bella screaming and I couldn't get her to calm down. Her cousin who will remain anonymous was babysitting and trying to keep Bella from waking up Lincoln slipped on our wood floor and fell on Bella's leg while it was bent. I was hoping it was sprained and wanted to wait over night and see how she was in the morning. That night was horrible Lincoln and Bella were up all night crying and moaning . Needless to say I called the doctor and set up an appointment for both of them.
We came out of the Doctor with Lincoln having double ear infections and Bella with a broken leg. I could not believe it. Now it just feels like one big blur. Bella has a hot pink cast with sparkles and is getting around quite well.
She loves to show us what she can do and show us her new trick of the day. She is being a great sport. Thank goodness for Kadee she has also been such a great help. I don't know what I would have done without her. Scott is now home and hopefully life can maybe start to get back to normal:)