Finally an update

Bella enjoying the Parade

I have finally decided to update our blog. Here are some pics of Peach Days a couple of weeks ago. We had so much fun spending time with our family. Kadee and her cousin Taelor were in the kids parade on Friday for Bunderson Elementary. Taelor was so nice to stick with Kadee the whole way so she could ride her scooter. I watched the parade with my good friend Jenny who is going to be moving way to soon and my sister in law Chersten who I am lucky enough to have live right across the street/field from me.


Stew Campbell said...

Karen--good to see you have a blog! Hope things are going well. Your kids are DANG cute!

Hickmanbunch said...

Okay Bella is adorable, not liking the one of me at the parade, oh well!! Glad you have a new post!

hairprincess said...

Karen you are looking good! Ok is that Emily Scotts sis? Hey Emily too! Check out my blog and my friend Brook from my ward I swear to you it is the same person as Emily! Its insane! :)