I've been tagged

I am- a pretty happy person
I know-I am loved
I want-to be a good mom (that is hard work, its going to take me forever)
I have- a wonderful family and great friends
I dislike-people who have a complaint about everything (not the person just all the complaining)
I miss- my brother Aaron and his fam in Texas
I feel- like going shopping
I hear- the movie Cars playing. Its Bella's new favorite. I don't mind because it is so funny!
I smell-um nothing. I wish I could smell something great cooking but not so much
I crave- food anything really I'm hungry
I cry-when I think of memories with my dad
I search- for shoes all the time. We don't know how to put our shoes away
I wonder-what new story Kadee is going to tell me when she gets home from school
I regret-regretting (copied yours Cherst I like that)
I love- Scott and my girls so so much!
I care-about people. I just want everyone to be happy. I know it sounds cheesy but true
I worry-about my mom and dad
I remember-a familiar face but I can not remember names
I believe-that my family will be together forever
I dance-well I try not to
I don't -like to be told what to do
I argue-when I have very strong feelings about something and my "tude" comes out
I write- a grocery list otherwise I forget and just buy food that looks good and spend way too much
I win- my arugements sometimes
I lose- when Scotts right (doesn't happen very often ha ha)
I wish- my good friend Jenny and her family weren't moving so far away
I listen-to Bella crying, laughing, screaming whatever the mood
I can usually be found watching-a good movie with Scott from the redbox
I am scared-of the dark
I need-to eat quite often
I forget-pretty much everything unless I write it down
I am happy-when I am with my cute girls and Scott
Alright now I tag Jess, Ambers, Stephanie, Jordan, Mckell, Sarah and Scott


The Wrights said...

Kare, I loved this. You are the best. Cherst

Ashley said...

So cute! Like I commented to Cherst, I love this tag. I just love hearing the random thoughts I guess. I think we should have an eating contest though I think I would win... I am getting HUGE!

Kristin Bishop said...

Ijust about pee'd my pants when I read about katie pressing the drinking fountain button for her little broken-armed friend. And check out maddie...what a doll! SHe is so darling. I am so glad you guys have a blog. Your family is so darling...and I LVOE LOVE your hair in the picture on the top!

tell Jenny thanks for inviting me ot the halloween party on friday:0
ha ha.

Amber said...

Hey Karen! Cute blog updates. I loved reading your "tagged" answers too! Thanks for tagging me- I'll get right on that. (ha ha ha) You and your fam are the cutest! We need to plan a get together with everyone again.

Hickmanbunch said...

Thanks for the wish, I hope it comes true, by some crazy miracle! Kinda doubt it BUMMER!! Love your comments they are cute!

Aaron and Lisa said...


I was talking to mom and she said you might have come to visit if I was home for the BYU game. Since I won't be here this week maybe you could tape the game and bring it with you next week. You will need to give us at least 30 minutes notice because that is how long it takes to get to the airport. Just let us know. This would make us really happy to have visitors. I know it sounds cheesy, but it would. So see you next week?

Dave and Jessica said...

Karen that was really fun to read about you! Glad you guys have a blog, now I automatically feel more in touch with you guys! Hope all is well!

hairprincess said...

Cute Karen! I love it, wait you say you are hungry and like to eat always does this mean baby num3 is on the way??? hehe you can tell me its ok:) So how is your dad doing anyway? I miss you all you will have to tell your dad I said hello too and the fam they are all growing up so fast huh? So I accidentally erased your last comment dang it I was sad I didnt get to finish readin it so if you wana re write it that'd be fun! haha talk to ya laters!:)

The Dahle's said...

thanks for the tag i will do it looks fun! i guess u do want to be blogging friends ha. CONGRATS on the pregnancy! that is awesome! when are u due?