Kadee got tagged

I am-Kadee
I know-I am Kadee
I want-to be a mom
I have-a family
I dislike-throwing things in the big garbage outside(usually diapers)
I miss-my cousins
I feel-loved
I hear-Heavenly Father
I smell-food
I crave-chips and pizza
I cry-when I get hurt
I search-for my blanket
I wonder-what will happen tomorrow
I regret-hurting my sister
I love-my sister
I care-about my room
I worry-about my friends
I remember-my Grandpa Woody
I believe-that Heavenly Father is true
I dance-ballet
I don't-do bad things
I argue-about doing chores
I write-in my journal(with mommys help)
I win-games
I lose-games sometimes
I wish-I was a princess
I listen-for Heavenly Father
I can usually be found watching-my mom and dad
I am scared-of the dark
I need-my family
I forget-about when a friend might call to play
I am happy-about my mom having a baby
Okay now I tag Maddie!


Heather said...

So is that an announcement??? Ok so I'm not in the inner circle. Everyone else might already know!! Well love Kadee's tag!!! That was very cute!!

Davison Family said...

Kadee you're great-thanks for doing that! I like to remember grandpa woody too.

Hickmanbunch said...

Cute Cute Kadee, thanks for tagging Maddie, she loved it!

Kath said...


I got to your blog through Jessica. I am so excited to be able to keep up with your darling family. Don't tell your mom-in law but I like the blog venue better than the BM. oops!
hugs from SD, kath

Ashley said...

AWWW! I love to see her sweet innocence! Loved the first two!

DAJP said...

Sorry Karen, I just realized that you tagged the Ambers. I'll get right on it too.

Cardalls said...

this was fun to read! i love the blog thing too, but am still a fan of the Bevanly Messenger (sorry Kath I'm not going to call it the BM---too many childhood memories.)

Chersten said...

Loved this!! Kadee, you are such a sweetheart. Love you!!